Manage Everything, from Product Data to Timelines and BOMS

Simplify your data management with SOLIDWORKS Manage.

Keeping files up-to-date, and managing the flow of information up and down the production chain is one of the biggest hurdles to innovation. Enter SOLIDWORKS Manage, a new distributed data management tool available with SOLIDWORKS 2018. Check out the feature article and learn how to improve the movement of data across your enterprise.

Simplify your Data Management with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Download the article to learn how SOLIDWORKS Manage:

  • Simplifies accessing and working with product development data
  • Easily integrates into your SOLIDWORKS ecosystem
  • Provides a single view of project timelines and resources



LEARN MORE about how SOLIDWORKS Manage provides a single system to help speed time to market.


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How to Manage Everything from Product Data to Timelines and BOMS Recorded Webinar


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